About Us

Shweta Marda is the founder of Create to Nurture, Inc. and author of Fun-dit. Shweta was born in India and always remembers celebrating festivals with gusto and spirit. Now, as a mom, living in the U.S., she is always trying to create fun ways for her kids to enjoy Indian traditions and culture in a modern way. She strives to create the same excitement for her kids that she felt while growing up. Shweta created Fun-dit to help families and friends celebrate Indian traditions and create wonderful memories for their children. The “Diwali special” is the first of this series…stay tuned!

Priya Biyani Arora is a creative art director and entrepreneur living in Mumbai, India. After more than a decade of experience in the advertising industry, she started her own design shop called Take2. Priya has a profound obsession with digital art, often dreams in CMYK and finds great inspiration in her mini beagle called Kosho. She has been a part of the Fun-dit project from the very beginning and finds great joy in creating memorable communication through any form of art and design

Abhilasha Khatri is an architect by profession and a cartoonist by passion. She enjoys drawing everyday things and finds Indian mythological characters very fascinating. She loved doing the illustrations for the book and believes it’s a fun way to acquaint Indian children with their traditions. Fun-Dit is very special to her because she was expecting her first child while doing the illustrations for the book. She hopes that the children love the book as much as she loved working on it.

Julee Balko is a freelance writer and Creative Director.  Branding, emails, videos, websites – there isn’t any writing she hasn’t tackled. She loves helping clients across all industries bring their story to life in compelling and creative ways. In her spare time, she is working on her own novel and is the proud mom to three little girls. As a mom, she is always looking for stories that highlight diversity. That’s why she is so honored to be a part of this book. She hopes it helps more kids see books that reflect them and celebrate their own unique and amazing culture.