For Parents

  1. Encourage your children to “hang out” with Fun-dit in creative ways.
  2. Talk to them about how his powers increase to make them creative if they:
    • read more
    • practice talking in their Indian language
    • celebrate Indian festivals
    • ask more questions about their culture

Fun-dit shares 

Fun-dit donates 5% of its revenues to the Akanksha Fund. The Akanksha Fund Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that works to raise support and awareness in the U.S. and funds educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in India. Their programs enable some of the most marginalized children in the world to maximize their potential and change their lives. The Fund works with The Akanksha Foundation (a registered Indian charity) to advise and fund the Foundation’s innovative programs, which currently serve school-aged children in India and related charitable activities. Learn more about the Akanksha Fund at