Magic of Fun-dit

How to have fun with Fun-dit?

All his magic lies in his ponytail and his powers to create fun get stronger if you:

Read to Fun-dit

or listen to stories with Fun-dit by your side

Celebrate Indian festivals
or special occasions with Fun-dit

Paint rangoli with his ponytail or gift a Fun-dit to your cousin on Rakhi.

Make a home for Fun-dit

in a small nook next to a book. Fun-dit gets new ideas from books that power his magic.

Talk to Fun-dit in an Indian language

Try to speak an Indian language or learn a few words to have more fun.

Hang out with Fun-dit

Hang him on a tree in your back yard or your backpack. Just spend time with him and see how creative you are. Send us your pictures at!

“The more you read, the more ideas you will get.
It may even spark your most creative idea yet.
Where will we hang out? How will we play?
Reading is the secret for fun every day.”
– Secret words of Fun-dit